Robin shooting

I’ve had a love of video editing since I was a kid watching my dad work with professional editors in elaborate edit suites in the 1970’s. Back then, the format was analog tape on giant reels, controlled by a magician (the editor) at a huge console with levers, dials, and a clunky early-generation computer keyboard.

After moving to Colorado to attend university, I found that my school (CU) didn’t yet have a film school, so I majored in the next best thing – Journalism. This catapulted me to the storytelling career that has shaped my life. From television news to corporate production to documentary filmmaking, I’ve now been telling stories all my life. Editing is the sweet spot where the visuals, the voices, and the music come together. It’s a craft I love.


Note: As of June 2021, I won’t be taking on new freelance video production jobs. My second passion – long distance walking in Europe – will keep me occupied with a new independent film from these travels possible.





Robin Truesdale

  • Louisville, Colorado

“Leap and the net will appear.”