Sweet Home Monteverde

‘Sweet Home Monteverde’ traces the journey of nine Quaker families from rural Fairhope, Alabama, who, during the Korean War, immigrated to Costa Rica, a country that had just abolished its army. The film follows them to the mountaintop village they named Monteverde and documents their environmental stewardship, their creation of the largest cloud-forest reserve in Central America, their pioneering work on ecotourism, their early clarion calls to fight climate change — and the legacy of their activism as passed down to succeeding generations of Monteverde Friends School students.

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Sweet Home Monteverde Trailer from Robin Truesdale on Vimeo.

Director & Editor: Robin Truesdale
Producer: Bill Adler

“History and chronology, naturally, play an important role in how the film is organized, but this exquisite editing is something to celebrate.”



Robin Truesdale

  • Louisville, Colorado

“Leap and the net will appear.”