Rhythm Bridge

Filmed and Edited by Robin Truesdale


Rhythm Bridge follows the journey of a Boulder musician who walks and bikes from Mexico to Canada and back again to help the homeland of his Zimbabwean friends. Loren Mach embarks on a six-month journey to spread awareness of the Zimbabwean crisis and to raise $25,000 for non-profit organizations who provide Zimbabwean aid. Along the way, he shares the traditional music that inspires him, playing at benefit concerts in California, Oregon and Washington.

40 min.

You can watch the entire film HERE ON VIMEO. Enjoy!

 PCT PhotoJourney of Hope – Rhythm Bridge was my first documentary filmmaking venture. It was self-funded and inspired by my friend Loren, who was planning a 2,600-mile hike to raise money for people in Zimbabwe. His plan was to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail, beginning at the California-Mexico border and backpacking north to the Canadian border. The story intrigued me, and together Loren and I documented his adventure. There were mishaps, injuries, and many changes of plan, but the final outcome was inspirational. This documentary reveals how far determination and passion can take a person on their journey.

Robin Truesdale

  • Louisville, Colorado

“Leap and the net will appear.”