Directed by Brenda Truelson Fox
Edited by Robin Truesdale
Emmy Winning Soundtrack by Denise Gentilini



Three Dominican sisters saw it as their duty, mission, religious calling to break into a missile silo in Colorado, chant, pour their own blood and land in jail for their beliefs. For these women, bringing attention to the atrocities of nuclear weapons was a sacred act; for the U.S. government, it was something much different. The nuns trespassed on federal property and criticized our national defense. The religious right labeled them fanatics; the left called them Joans of Arc; and the justice system convicted them of sabotage and sentenced them each to several years in federal prison.
43 min.

Sisters Ardeth Platte, Carol Gilbert, and Jackie Hudson

Conviction, the documentary from Robin Truesdale on Vimeo


2015 Show Me Justice Film Festival at the University of Central Missouri

Telluride Mountainfilm, “Must See” Award

Frozen River Film Festival, “People’s Choice” Award

Boulder Adventure Film Festival

Rome International Film Festival

Taos Film Festival



Robin Truesdale

  • Louisville, Colorado

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